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Harvard University attributes the key to success of the world’s top 500 CEOs is effective and influential communication.

Great leaders are great communicators. 

The ability to speak in front of others is a critical skill to master. Regardless of the level you are, the makings of an expert speaker has to start somewhere.

Speaking Training, is one of CNEW Signature programs, we use the philosophy of “Influence” as the foundation of our teaching. Using a structured approach, we aim to train you into becoming the best speaker and communicator that you can be. In the course we will help you develop persuasive speeches with full confidence. You will be given the opportunity to practice and apply what you’ve learnt, at class interactions and speaking in front of a live audience.

Module 1: Foundational Elements of Public Speaking

Module 2: The Power of Stories

Module 3: Body language & Presence

Module 4: Handling Q&A

What our Clients say?

Picture of Yiying


I do appreciate Elaine putting so much time and energy on us. By all the sessions I learned a lot of presentation skills and practiced as well.

First of all, I obtained the self-awareness that I could make efforts to change and improve my habits speaking in front of the public. Secondly, I realized that to be professional means we have to be careful about details, especially gestures. But languages and emotional faces, etc. Thirdly, the improvement of skills and efforts to be professional are the way that we build up our influence on how we lead others. I'm looking forward to growing with fellows in the future. Thank you.

Picture of Praise


I was not able to really speak in front of people because I was shy and sometimes afraid. Many times in my life, I give an excuse to run away from people. I was protecting myself at any time. But meeting Elaine and being part of her speaker training workshop helped me to have more confidence in me. Now I can be in front of people to express myself clearly and not be afraid if I am going to make a mistake.

Picture of Issar


I joined the Speaker Training because I wanted to improve my presentation skills when I speak in public. The experience and the skills learned will last me a lifetime. I am now able to communicate effectively, deliver content with clarity. I have learned that effective communication lies in how we connect and engage the audience. Another important skill I have learned is how to build and create an effective PowerPoint presentation. The skills I have learned will improve my life for the better. I am grateful for the experience.

Picture of Burlington


I'm glad to be on a team with Speaking Training. I really appreciate the training that I undergo with mentor Elaine. The methods of teaching are so professional, we are forced to step out of our comfort zone because their encouragement is for our own benefit. We wish more batch to come and more applicants to join. They are worth trying out whether you are a newbie or middle level in speaking skills. It helps us a lot for some beginners to join the community looking for more inspirational applicants to join us soon. I love it so much. And feeling inspired.

Picture of Isaac


I have learned the power of training, how to communicate effectively all the skills from being a confident speaker without fear, how to invite questions, the power of listening, freezing and how in answering the questions and asking can improve the engagement with others audience.
I would like to thank my mentor Elaine Zhou for being so open enough to teach everything possible to transform my skills so far; these skills need to be taught to everyone. They are very imperative in installing confidence, trust, and conduct on how to catch the audience through impressive storytelling. I'm so thankful for tons. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Picture of Kele


My nerves used to stop me from wanting to speak and fear used to make me think I’m not good enough. The two days of Speaking Training have been challenging because I had to unlearn those bad habits I accumulated for years. I still struggle, but I am overcoming them. Elaine is a wonderful coach and mentor who has imparted communication skills that have made a shift in my communication most importantly, in my confidence and belief in myself.

Trainer Profile

Elaine Zhou

Elaine is a serial entrepreneur and currently, she is the CEO of CNEW International.

Elaine is a seasoned leadership development trainer and advisor working with CEOs and senior executives to develop talent strategies and executive coaching programs for senior leaders, entrepreneurs and startups. She is a trusted and thoughtful leader with more than 15 years with MNCs across Asia Pacific leading teams with consistent success. Elaine helps clients to enhance their skills in strategic talent management, authentic leadership, cross-cultural leadership management, complex problem solving, decision-making and performance planning.

She brings over fifteen years’ experience in business strategy, organization transformation, human capital, multicultural, inclusion & diversity, and leadership development. Most of the clients for whom she has worked are Fortune 500 companies, state-owned, educational institutions and ministries. She trains and coaches regionally in China and SouthEast Asia.

She is passionate about the role of women in business and has been regularly featured in the Global Times, Asia Entrepreneur Org, FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC talking about female entrepreneurship and raising the awareness of gender equality and the challenges professional women face in the workplace.

Past Events

As the Covid-19 pandemic shakes the global economy and disrupts the way we live, work, and conduct business, leaders are scrambling to manage the immediate fallout. But, as history proves, it’s also necessary to prepare for what’s next.

In the journey of development, businesses will always encounter crises of all sizes, which require businesses to practice their internal strength for a long time and strengthen their own “immune system” in order to calmly deal with the crisis. With the easing of the domestic epidemic in China, most enterprises have entered a state of active resumption of production from the previous “suspend” mode.

The impact of the epidemic on businesses is far more than losing two months “lockdown”, especially when the global epidemic trend is still uncertain, Singapore companies still have many challenges to overcome on the way to resume production and development of markets.

The objective of this forum is to prepare business leaders with how can we not let the crisis hinder the development of the business, and even obtain new development opportunities from the crisis. After this crisis how to strengthen the “immune system” to deal with unpredictable challenges for companies.

Audiences: Business leaders, Entreprenuers, Policy makers, Business owners, Startups


Women Create Future

China Israel forum opens the gate for business opportunities both in Israel and China and builds strong and lasting ties between women of the two nations. Women Create Future provides a supportive environment in which our members can enhance each other’s businesses by learning from each member, giving qualified referrals, and discussing issues that concern us all.

The Executive Centre

The Executive Centre has attracted ambitious global professionals for over 25 years. An elevated corporate experience, TEC is typified by exceptional service, seamlessly integrated workspaces and access to an unparalleled global Member network. With over 135 Centres in iconic business addresses across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, we act as a partner to each of our 28,000+ Members and our Community is all about bringing like-minded professionals together.

CNEW International

CNEW International is an international company providing leadership and personal development solutions. It was established in 2009 in Singapore and with a couple of operations offices in China. Taking advantage of 40+ years of proven leadership curriculum with the #1 Leadership authority John C. Maxwell and leadership principles from Harvard Kennedy School, we are equipped with the best leadership skills, tools, and resources to make our clients more successful in life and in business.


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